Get on Luxury

Welcome to “L-On” where we transform the simple act of transportation into an unparalleled luxury experience. Our luxury car transportation service is designed to provide our distinguished clients with a unique blend of style, comfort, and exclusivity. From short rides to longer journeys, each trip with us is an opportunity to experience luxury in motion.

Features of our service

Exquisite Fleet:

Our fleet comprises a careful selection of luxury vehicles from the most renowned brands in the automotive industry.

Total Personalization:

We recognize the importance of individuality. We tailor each ride to the client's preferences, from music selection to seat configuration and preferred route. Every detail is adjusted to create a bespoke experience.

Professional Drivers:

Our drivers are not only expert behind the wheel, but they are also ambassadors of our service. They are trained to provide a friendly, discreet, and personalized experience, ensuring that every client feels like a VIP guest.

Discretion and Privacy:

We value our clients' privacy. We offer a tranquil and discreet environment where passengers can relax, work, or enjoy the ride without worries.

Effortless Reservations:

Our online booking system and dedicated customer service make booking with "LuxuryRide" a seamless and convenient process.

Happy Drivers

Based on studies, some ride share companies take up to 60% of drivers compensation when book trough apps. We came with an idea of connecting Luxury at an affordable price and give a much better compensation to drivers that work hard and provide their vehicles to make this company grow and connect with you.

Our Dream

L-On Started in the Tampa Bay area but we are planning to expand. Our dream is to be known nationally and become a worldwide Luxury and affordable service, this will only be possible with our clients and our drivers.